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Tasuki and Miaka [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Feb 2008|04:29pm]

I got rid of the Chichiri/Kouji community cause no one was joining so I decided to make one solely about Kouji...so come on and stop by.

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Pleads to FY fans. [12 Feb 2008|02:37pm]


It's that time again! We at fyrpg_tas are in need of some new players to join our game. While we've revamped awhile ago it's still early enough for you to make these characters your own!

We are looking for a Nakago - while he's already started in the game you have plenty of room to grow him into your own evil image of what he should be.
We're also looking to bring in a Tetsuya and Keisuke. Neither have been played yet so you get to start from scratch with these two. Best friends? Worst enemies? Boyfriends? Whatever your otaku heart desires.

And we're doing something evil with this game! The possibility of bringing in an OC - a princess of Kutou! That's right, that lecherous old Emperor has himself a daughter and some big plans that go with her. Interesting in playing a character that's never been seen before? Drop on by!

If you'd like to join in, drop a note in the OOC community, fyrpg_tas_ooc, and let us know who you are, your contact info, who you'd like to play and a short writing sample.

Yoinked from my fellow RPG player Rumielf
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RPG Fun! [08 Feb 2008|09:39am]

[ mood | crappy ]

If anyone is looking to join a really fun and great RPG, fyrpg_tas is looking for a new player for Nakago. We have some a great plot and evilness brewing for that game. So if this sounds interesting please join us, the players are really cool and its a fun read!

If you are interested please go here: fyrpg_tas_ooc There you can ask for the character you want and write a brief writing sample.

I look forward to see people joining in the fun!

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Looks around community [07 Feb 2008|09:00am]

[ mood | tired ]

Where did everyone go....just because I haven't been writing Tasuki/Miaka doesn't mean I don't like reading it. It's been pretty dead here...and even though no one really takes up my challenges anyway.....I am putting one up.

Valentines Day fic challenge

Okay this one is Miaka and Tasuki are dating. Tasuki worried that his older borther Kouji hasn't been able to find anyone...the two of them decide to play cupid and set him up.

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[06 Jan 2008|10:14pm]

Multifandom Icon Post
[ x ] The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
[ x ] Prince Caspian headers
[ x ] Twilight
[ x ] Twilight headers
[ x ] Fushigi Yuugi
[ x ] Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
[ x ] Fushigi Yuugi headers

[ x ] Mulan

There are lots of Tasuki/Miaka icons in this batch, because they are Love. ♥

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

How did someone as ugly as yah, Eiken, manage to find a lady so cute?
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A December Birthday Drabble for TG ^__^ [01 Dec 2007|08:13pm]
[ mood | giggly ]


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The Fushigi Yuugi Awards Begin! [29 Nov 2007|09:16am]

[ mood | content ]

Okay, the first annual FY FANFICTION AWARDS are here and its time to Nominate your favorite author in the following catergories:

Best Action
Best Alternative Pairing
Best Angst
Best Characterization
Best Dark Fic
Best Frienship Fic
Best Humor
Best Lemon
best One-Shot
Best Romance
Best Yaoi
Best Yuri

If anyone can help me in judging just on the off chance I get nominated that would be great. All nomination must be in by January 1, 2008. Thank you.

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Thinking.....is that a good thing? [28 Nov 2007|04:51pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Anyway ever fandom it seems has awards and I thought to myself I haven't see anything for Fushigi Yuugi. I am thinking of starting judging for fics that we in the FY community think deserve them....is anyone would like to help me in making award banners and suggesting catergories please let me know and spread the news so people start nominating fics :)

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A Thanksgiving side of drabble... [19 Nov 2007|04:57am]

I've never posted here before *waves shyly* but I saw the plea for Thanksgiving fics and wrote up a little bit of drabble. I hope it's ok to post it here. Rated K, just a bit of WAFFy fluff with no plot whatsoever, but it might make someone smile.

My offering of Thanksgiving drabbleCollapse )
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Nudging........ [13 Nov 2007|04:58pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Okay Thanksgiving is coming up and in order to reawaken this community I would like someone...... anyone to post a fic (not me cause I know you people are bored of hearing from me. I am begging you guys please please please post something here or I am really going to consider this community dead!

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[26 Oct 2007|12:16pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Since there seems to be a lack of interest here...I am closing the community down. I am not deleteing it but as of today I am stepping down a mod of this community. If your interested in becoming the mod please contact me tasukigirl78@gmail.com.

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Beach time fun! Drabbles! [19 Sep 2007|10:39am]

So.... yahnkehy and rumielf decided to do a little challenge between the two of us for Fushigi Yuugi fics. The setting: a nude beach. The length: 500 words.

We'll leave it open to you guys to rate and comment as you see fit. :)

Fun in the SunCollapse )

Beach Fun!Collapse )
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Fanfic: Vindicated [18 Sep 2007|07:06pm]

And now for my quick little songfic to celebrate the anniversary. Guess what....I wrote it in a day as promised. :) Nothing graphic but hopefully still sweet enough for everyone. Hope you like it!!

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Anniversary Dabble [18 Sep 2007|11:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

I bring the offering of a dabble!

Anniversary DabbleCollapse )

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*^__^* [18 Sep 2007|10:17am]
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Happy Anniversary! [18 Sep 2007|08:26am]

[ mood | awake ]

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Four More Days [14 Sep 2007|03:22pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Four more days until the One Year Anniversary of the Tasuki and Miaka Community. Hopfully you guys will have some good stuff for the 18th! : P

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Next Month [14 Aug 2007|03:40pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Next Month on Sept 18, 2007 the Tasuki/Miaka Community will Be 1 years old.  Let's celebrate!  Hope to see some of your stuff to celebrate!

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Welcome! [31 Jul 2007|03:54pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I see we have a couple new members to the community.  Welcome.  If you guys have anything Tasuki/Miaka  related please feel free to post.  We are a very friendly community so I hope to hear from you guys.

Tasuki/Miaka Community Administrator

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Updated [26 Jul 2007|04:31pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Wow, I haven't updated this community in awhile. I have so busy. Anyway I have a new fic at fanfiction.net if you guys want to check it out. It's call Forbidden Love.

Here's the Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3615569/1/Forbidden_Love

Also some more exciting news banditscribe, aka Kittylynne has finally updated her fantastic story "The Promise: A Tasuki and Miaka Love Story."  You don't want to miss on this awesome story. Check it out here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/709034/1/The_Promise_A_Tasuki_and_Miaka_Love_Story

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