Princess of Crack (tasukigirl78) wrote in tasukiandmiaka,
Princess of Crack

Pleads to FY fans.

It's that time again! We at fyrpg_tas are in need of some new players to join our game. While we've revamped awhile ago it's still early enough for you to make these characters your own!

We are looking for a Nakago - while he's already started in the game you have plenty of room to grow him into your own evil image of what he should be.
We're also looking to bring in a Tetsuya and Keisuke. Neither have been played yet so you get to start from scratch with these two. Best friends? Worst enemies? Boyfriends? Whatever your otaku heart desires.

And we're doing something evil with this game! The possibility of bringing in an OC - a princess of Kutou! That's right, that lecherous old Emperor has himself a daughter and some big plans that go with her. Interesting in playing a character that's never been seen before? Drop on by!

If you'd like to join in, drop a note in the OOC community, fyrpg_tas_ooc, and let us know who you are, your contact info, who you'd like to play and a short writing sample.

Yoinked from my fellow RPG player Rumielf
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