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Anniversary Dabble

I bring the offering of a dabble!

As Shun’u led a blindfolded Miaka, the young man couldn’t help but feel excited. It was their one year anniversary and he wanted to surprise the woman that he loved with all of his heart. Leading her into the beautifully decorated garden, the red head took his hands away from Miaka’s eyes and said “surprise.”

After the veil of darkness was lift Miaka looked around. The trees of the garden had tiny sparkling lights wrapped around them and rose petals were scattered around leading to a secluded area of the large garden. As he led her to the quaint area, the young woman could see that Shun’u had set up a table for two with a beautiful gold table cloth and nice china to match. Turning to her boyfriend, she kissed him on the lips and said “thank you, it’s beautiful.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” the red head said with a fanged smirk.

After pulling out the chair for her, he poured them some wine. Once he was seated across from her, a violinist came out of nowhere. Gasping Miaka felt touched at the lengths Shun’u went to celebrate their anniversary. Smiling at the man she loved so much, she took his hands in her as the music of the violin filled the night area.

Knowing this was the moment he was waiting for; Shun’u got out of his chair and bent down besides Miaka. Taking a ring box out of his pocket, he opened to reveal a beautiful heart shaped diamond. Looking at his girlfriend lovingly, he said “I know I have a lot of faults Miaka but I love you with all of my heart. I would be the happiest man on Earth if you would become my wife. Will you marry me?”

Shocked and surprised the young woman stuttered “o..of c..course I will.”

After he slipped the ring on her finger, he kissed her passionately on the lips. Pulling back, Shun’u looked into Miaka’s beautiful face and felt like the luckiest guy in the world for having a woman like her.


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